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Mobility Furniture Company  (Marketing Response)

Peter Kitson, Managing Director

Mobility Furniture Company’s Instant Personal Touch That Keeps the Freephone Callers Calling   

“Telecoms Solutions is the most amenable company I’ve dealt with. They’re easy to get hold of and I know I can trust them to do everything with no fuss. Occasionally I want to change the times when numbers get pointed elsewhere. The moment I ask them I know it’s done.” Peter Kitson, MD Mobility Furniture Company.

As a nationwide company supplying direct to the public, the Mobility Furniture Company markets their specialised furniture through print advertising and magazine inserts.  Adverts are run virtually daily in selected national press and weekly magazines for the elderly (online sales are managed by their separate company for other mobility furniture and accessories).

Mobility Furniture publishes Freephone numbers from Telecoms Solutions in adverts to encourage sales and brochure enquiries. 0800 numbers are universally known to be free and picking up the phone is the easiest option for their elderly customers.  Speaking to Mobility Furniture’s customer team makes their service personal from the outset and fits with their whole philosophy.

During office hours the team of four handles enquiries and arranges appointments for their ten demonstrators. The decision about the right mobility furniture is an important one and the demonstrators make home visits to answer questions, provide advice on the options and for customers to try out the furniture.

Dedicated 0800 numbers mean Mobility Furniture can track the responses and their investment by title. Telecoms Solutions manage over 40 Freephone numbers that are all routed to different Mobility Furniture Direct numbers (DDIs).

The volume of advertising and responses means there are times when Mobility Furniture has more calls than it can immediately manage. Mobility Furniture ensures calls are always answered at peak times with the help of bureau services from Telecoms Solutions. The outsourced agents are able greet the callers knowing it is a Mobility Furniture customer and are ready to take requests for brochures and details for a call back.

Overflow and out of hours call routing in the network means customers never get a busy tone or a recorded answer service. 

Summary reports and billing information allow the Mobility Furniture Company to track their volume and costs of calls the performance of ads over time. Detailed stats clearly show the responses for every ad with its unique Freephone number and of the overflow calls to the outsourced agents.  The reporting means it’s not a problem if their service staff forgets to ask or the customer can’t recall which advert they saw.

“I’ve got a lot of new Freephone numbers coming up that I need sorting. I’m 100% confident in Telecoms Solutions that it will all go smoothly.” Peter Kitson, MD, Mobility Furniture Company.”

About Mobility Furniture Company

Mobility Furniture Company is a nationwide company focussed on mobility furniture that improves the customers’ way of life in the home. The company specialises in Rise and Recline chairs and Adjustable beds. It was set up in 2012 but founded on 30 years expertise. The company prides itself on a very caring, non-high pressured sales and service with a team of demonstrators that visit customers in their home.