Bullhorn   (Call Centre Marketplace)

Peter Linus is the Managing Director

Telecoms Solutions has supported Bullhorn’s marketing as it has grown successfully in the UK with the setup and on-going management of their geographic and 0800 Freephone numbers.

“Bullhorn has had to be dynamic to grow rapidly into a $10m business. Telecoms Solutions has supported that growth brilliantly with their creative and flexible service.”

Peter Linus MD, Bullhorn.

When Bullhorn’s first experience of Telecoms Solutions was when they moved from a serviced office and could not take their existing number. Telecoms Solutions made sure that the set up and switch over to the new number at their London office ran really smoothly and Bullhorn was delighted that the technical side of the change-over had no impact at all on their clients.

When a potential crisis situation arose Telecoms Solutions was able to respond immediately. A power outage resulted in the internal phone system being down for a whole day.

“Telecoms Solutions made it painless to quickly set up a back-up for us. As soon as I put in the request they sorted a diversion in the network to an alternative mobile number so we could answer customer calls and capture messages. “

Today Bullhorn uses Telecoms Solutions ’s web tools to do their own hot fixes, but know they can still call on their support when they need to.

“You can tell Telecoms Solutions is dedicated to its customers. Our division isn’t a large outfit in the UK but they always give us the same high level of service whether it’s for the big stuff or smaller tasks. Sadly other companies just don’t have that attitude.”

About Bullhorn

Bullhorn is an international web-based recruitment software company who pioneered the software-as-a-service model for staffing and recruitment software.Today Bullhorn is a $10m business serving 10,000 clients across 150 countries, offering the only fully integrated applicant tracking and customer relationship management system paired with social media recruiting and business development tools.