gocompare.com   (Aggregator Marketplace)

John Miles
Business Development Director 

“We like to offer customers an immediate and simple route when they prefer to buy over the telephone or have a query for our partners. Using Telecoms Solutions’ 0843 numbers and support we can quickly set up and monitor contact with our insurance providers and trusted partners.” John Miles, Business Development Director, gocompare.com.

“Our non-geographic business numbers are a key complement to our quote comparisons and ‘buy online’ features. Customers know they pay a flat regulated price for the call and its quick way to get the information they want from our partners before they go ahead and buy.”

“One of the biggest advantages of using Telecoms Solutions is the insight we get from the reporting and how partners are handling the valuable calls that we generate for them. The web based portal lets our relationship managers be more proactive as they can easily monitor traffic volumes, short and long call durations to spot potential issues such as peaks and abandoned calls.”

“Telecoms Solutions’ tools are user friendly enough for us to quickly set up new numbers for our partners, allowing us to be as dynamic as we need to be in this market. When we have other changes, such as routing of numbers, we know that once we’ve asked Telecoms Solutions it’s as good as done.”