O2   (Call Centre Marketplace)

Colin McCabe

Head of Telesales and Customer Contracts

“Our main web-shop number 0844 2 02 02 02 is an important route for customers who are online and find that they need to talk to one of our sales advisers through a quick and easily identifiable route. The non-geographic numbers offer re-assurance to customers that they can call from anywhere in the UK with clear and regulated pricing”

“We found Telecoms Solution’s systems offer an easy way to make changes to our inbound routing at a moment’s notice with the changes live immediately. We really value the simple non-technical user interface which means that we are in complete control without having to rely on others who work in Technology or Telephony to make the change on our behalf”

“Telecoms Solutions really help with our reporting requirements. We can monitor exactly how many people are calling in response to our advertising as we use unique 0800 or 0844 numbers to track individual campaigns. This means we can quickly identify the best performing creative and ads providing valuable feedback to our marketing colleagues”