Hosted Contact Centre

Advanced Contact Centre Services overview


effECTive® Network-Based Contact Centers by ECT.
Customised solutions within the intelligent network enable the virtual networking of locations as well as the pre-qualified and segmented routing of calls to the correct contact center agent.
By using this service to implement a contact center a medium-sized company saves the considerable acquisition and operating costs for its own contact center equipment. As the service can also be used for short periods as a so-called service on demand, a middle-sized company can realise a contact center for a limited period without investing in a contact center of its own, e.g. for its Christmas business or a sales campaign. Even large companies with their own in-house contact centers use additional staff in network-based contact centers to cover short-term seasonal spikes or high-traffic periods caused by emergencies.


 Feature Overview

• Multi-channel Contact Centre (Voice, Email, Fax)
• Call Distribution (ACD) / Skill-Based Routing
• Intelligent Network-Based Call Queuing
• Web-Based Agent / Manager Workplaces
• Outbound Voice and SMS Campaigns
• Network-Based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech
• PCI Call Recording
• Integration of Premise CRM
• (DB, HTTP(S), Soap/XML) Service Creation Environment with VoiceXML programming Interface.

User Interface – Key principles

• The effECTive® User Interface is a Web-portal that is designed for easy End-Customer Access       and Administration.
• The User Interface is supporting all leading Web Browsers meaning end customer only requires a   Browser with Internet Access.


• There is no Installation of Local Software required, no additional Plug-Ins, Drivers etc.
• The User Interface is a thin GUI.
• Based on HTML 5
• AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

Supported Browsers


One Access Point to all Product Modules
• The effECTive® User Interface is a unified Web-Interface that gives End-Customer access to all      Product Modules through SSO:
• effECTive® Visual Callflow Builder for managing Routing Plans
• Statistics, Reporting and Real-time Monitoring
• All User and Resources Administration
• ACD Administration and effECTive® Agent Workplace
• Campaign Management for Outbound Campaigns
• ASR and TTS Administration
• CRM Administration
• No additional Applications are to be accessed by the End-customer.

Visual Call Flow Builder (VCB)


VCB Building Blocks – Predefined Icons


Complex IVR – External Interfaces

• VCB is a set of icons (IVR) for creation of complex service logic by using external interfaces.
• Dynamic Interactive routing capabilities on data retrieved from external systems (e.g. databases / provisioning systems) via:

• HTTP(s) interface (Http icon)
• DB access (SQL queries)
• SOAP access (SOAP icon)
• VoiceXML scriplets
• Variables


Service Creation Environment

Synchronous Processing Asynchronous Processing.


NtellECT Front Office (IFO)
• The IFO is the tool for Platform Management (by the carrier/reseller) and general administration of the different ECT service applications
• The effECTive administration consists of:

• Customer Administration
• Customer Profiles (Feature assignments)
• Global Resources (e.g. Prompts, Origin areas, etc.)
• Global Routing Plans, Global Sub routines
• Reseller / end-customer Branding
• Number Assignment
• Icon Development Kit (IDK)

Automated Call Distribution (ACD)
• Our Proposal includes a Network-ACD with Skill-Based Routing and Unified Agent Workplace.
• Agents have a defined Skill Level within each Group,
• Agents can be part of multiple Skill Groups (unlimited).
• There are ACD algorithms for Agent Selection available on:

o Skill level (0 – 100%), Number of Received calls, Number of
o Minutes connected, Longest Idle Time.
o Including: Manager Monitoring (Listen, Whisper), Skill-group Real Time Performance Monitoring based on Defined Thresholds, Call Recording.

Agent Workplace – Modules


Agent Workplace (Example)


Call Recording (PCI Compliant)

• PCI Compliant Network-Based Call Recording
• No recording of Credit Card Details (Multiple options)
• Recordings appended and sorted on File Server
• There are three types of recording:
• Icon recording, Call recording, Skill-group recording
• Recording can be enabled for all calls or on-demand:
• Via the DTMF or via the Agent Workplace
• Recordings can be retrieved on specific search filter criteria:
• Service Number, Agent or Skill group,
• Routing plan, Recorded time.

Mid-Call Subroutines and Agent Variables
• Via the Agent Workplace the agent can start a IVR subroutine
• The caller will be send to the Subroutine (A-leg) for a particular

IVR service e.g. making a payment via credit card.
• The agent can monitor the callers progress through the subroutine and can take the caller back      in case assistance is required.
• The agent can “feed” variables via the workplace to the subroutine, for instance, credit card type     or amount due.


Outbound Voice and SMS Campaigns

• Authorize, call and screen large volumes of addresses.
• Campaign management and analysis.
• Integrated preview & progressive dialers for outbound campaigns.
• Automated campaigns for voice, e-mail, SMS and fax communication.
• Used in combination with effECTive® Inbound/Network ACD and effECTive® Agent Workplace for   skills-based selection of agents.

ASR & TTS over MRCP (1)

• State-of-the-art, standards-based technology to speech enable network-based interactive voice response (IVR).
• Automatic Speech Recognition uses grammar to determine which words can be recognized
• Text-To-Speech uses a formant-based filter which results in a genuinely synthetic voice
• Support for interface to third party speech engines – select the solution that best serves given         requirements.

Social Media (Roadmap)

• In addition to Voice, Email, Fax and SMS we added Social Media and WebChat.
• The Agent Workplace is extended with additional iFrames for the Social Media and WebChat.
• We use the available API’s from Twitter and Facebook.
• Additional Social Media Networks can be added using the API available.



• Real-time and historical statistics, depending upon current business objectives.
• Exportable files or graphic overviews possible.
• The statistic module shows all available statistic reports for the specific customer account.
• The following statistic types are supported:
• Quantity, Call Queuing, Queue History
• Waiting Time, Payout, Quality, Origin
• Peak, SMS, Multiple Calls, Outbound
• Agent, Skill Group, Agent Availability.

Example Reports


API’s (Application Programming Interface)

• The following SOAP/XML API’s are available:

• ‘IINtellECT® Front Office for provisioning of Service
• Numbers, Resellers etc.
• “API for Visual Callflow Builder (Service Creation)
• “API for Web integration (Single Sign On – SSO)
• “API for Integration of CRM/ Databases
• “API for Outbound Campaign Management

ECTXML® API for developing Service Applications (IDK)