Take a Bigger Share of Higher Value Stakes

Placing bets and gaming on the web and with mobile apps is great for customers.  These convenient and self-service channels have really opened up the market and make it viable for Bookmakers to process the huge volumes from event driven betting and popular in-play bets.

Automating transactions for smaller bets is the logical way to go for a return on investment model. But for customers spending more than the average you need an intelligent way to better service your select customers.

Making a Preferential Service Viable

Some customers just prefer to call and speak with someone!

Placing the bet by telephone and with an agent provides the customer with a more personal service and gives you more opportunity to control of the outcome. Our bookmakers’ solutions let you easily control who has access for this special treatment.

  • Dedicated betters  Provide unique numbers so customers go straight to agents ready to service their calls and process their bets. Control the level of service with little or no queuing with routing that is done in our network.
  • Upsell to the right customers  Your agents are in the ideal position to interest customers in related bets and services, such as an in-play ‘first yellow card’ bet, live racing commentary and tipster services. Our in-call transfer facility lets the agents connect your customer straight through to the live services.
  • More mobile customers – 5 digit short-codes for mobiles allow you to fix the price of a call, even make it free. Customers love their mobile so easy to remember numbers that are free or low cost means they’re calling you with their bets, not your competitors.
  • Smarter recognition and service  with these short codes Telecoms Solutions can recognize the originating number within the network. This means whenever extra-special customers call we can route them direct to a designated location, bypassing your usual call handling and filtering.

However you define your best high value customers, Telecoms Solutions has the know how to take the technology and make preferential services work realistically within your operation.

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“Are you wasting some online or app bets revenue?”

When the market is as aggressive as it is Bookmakers need to shore up their online customers at the times they are most at risk of losing them to another bookmaker. Telecoms Solutions can give you the flexibility to instantly set up and manage the contact that smoothly links your customers from an online to your offline servicing of their bets.

Plug the gaps when customers are ready to bet but can’t or won’t use your usual self-serve channels:

  • When there’s a failing with your website or mobile apps
  • The customer is having difficulty with a bad signal, finger trouble, or it’s just not conducive to where they are and who they’re with at that moment
  • Some customers just don’t like or are not comfortable with the technology, they want to talk.