Call Centre

Gearing up for higher value, more technical sales and support calls

The moment of truth is when a customer responds to your offer and makes that call, to be greeted immediately by your agent who clearly knows precisely why they are calling.

Telecoms Solutions’ work is geared to controlling and delivering these moments whether your operation is for inbound calls from advertising campaigns, to back-up your online sales or for post-sales support.

How do selective calls quickly reach chosen contact staff? The skill is in the groundwork and real-time management.

Forewarned is forearmed

Smart planning of numbers means contact centres can prioritise calls and inform agents of the origination or purpose of the calls in advance.

Allocating and tagging specific marketing numbers to a customer’s product line, website page and advert enables us to use the intelligence associated with each call to route the calls in the network and pass on key supporting data.

Dynamic changes and monitoring

The strength of any consumer facing solution is making changes quickly and easily. Our customers’ are constantly tailoring and making their own service changes through our intuitive management console and dashboard.

Our non-technical web based platform provides agility whenever they need to add a new service or take down another, re-route numbers when call rates are higher than predicted, record new announcements…  In tandem, the analytics and real-time monitoring tools highlight the need for immediate corrective action, for example when drop-offs rates are rising.

“Need more than the fundamentals for customer call handling?”

Telecoms Solutions can draw on a full range of in-network applications and outsourced services to complete the call centre solution, from a multi-level IVR to automated services and all accessible via the web-based management console.

Outsourced agents bureau –  if you need to maintain your high level of service at peak times of demand, extend your opening hours or just have additional backup to manage simple tasks or manage a crisis, we are able to offer the extra support when you need it.  We can provide ‘on-demand’ bureau services which are all FSA accredited and Level 2 compliant.

Language translation services – quick access to real-time services to help your support staff throughout Europe and the World. Telecoms Solutions offers a 3-way conferencing facility with a skilled translator bureau service. This service is on tap so that your agent can gather all of the important information and answer questions fully and accurately.

Customer surveys – simple customer surveys by phone, email and text to give you vital customer feedback and opinion on sales and service. Our cloud based automated surveys service lets you contact customers and record responses by voice, keypad SMS and have instant access to the analysis.

Sentiment analysis service for an enhanced service –  partnering with RAPIDE, the ‘Rant & Rave’ service is designed to allow companies to proactively ask for feedback at the moments that they know are important for customers and through the channel of their choice – SMS, MMS, Voice, Email (for instance by voice at the end of a loan application or call centre interaction). You can also let customers get in touch whenever they feel the need, through any ‘active channel’ of SMS, MMS, voice recording or email. Intelligent text analytics understand every word and provides actionable insights.