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Making every advertising pound accountable

The market conditions couldn’t be more different for print and online classified advertising. A maturing market with falling print volumes compared to the rise in specialist listings, the explosion of personal ads with social networking and online local communities.

All business providers are facing aggressive competition and are being stretched to maintain decent revenue streams, manage costs and offer profitable value-add for the private and business advertisers and aggregators.

Telecoms Solutions is working with classified advertisers with very different business models to make creative use of telephony in key areas of their business.

Innovating and add-value

Protect the consumer – Non-geographic numbers and call routing protects your advertiser’s identity, removing the concern about abuse of privacy which can occur when private numbers are published

Access to buyers at the seller’s convenience – to set their own ‘Opening hours’, have recorded messages alerts and automatic transfer to call the buyer.

No more calls after a sale – self-service no fuss cancellation activated by a call to the allocated number and automated features.

Commercial Insights

Revenue generating numbers – to fund the free entry of adds

Call statistics and intelligence – to track the responses to listed ads. You’ll be able to know which lines are selling well and flex your prices as conditions change.

Selling to business and trade – have hard facts on returns on advertising spend and the impact of your  advertising packages.

Protect against lost revenue – canvassers avoid non-private numbers and you can track repeat calling from originating numbers and block black-listed numbers.

Cost effective operation

Automate telephone number allocation – have numbers up and running immediately for your online advertiser

Rapid cancellation of adverts – your customer calls their allocated NGN from their original number and selects the option that will then automatically inform you to cancel the website ads and printed insertions. This automation means Non-geographic Numbers can be recycled more efficiently.

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“More ways to Maximize your Opportunities?” 

  • Play a whisper message which the advertiser hears before the call from a buyer is connected, preparing them for the call and reminding them of your service.
  • Buyers can be played whisper messages when they respond to an ad, to promote relevant services such as texting to get a vehicle check by dealers.
  • Use prompts at pre-determined times from your website to trigger the customer to contact you using a ‘live-chat’ pop-up window, asking if they want help to place an advert.