You fight hard for new business with aggressive sales and marketing strategies. Consumers face a constant barrage of insurance adverts and offers, ‘Buy 10 months and get 2 months free’, multi-car policy, joint car and house insurance discounts.

Consumers have a world choice. So why make it harder than it has to be?

Aggregator sites are a prime source of quotes and new business for many insurers. Even when dealing direct there’s a choice of insurance packages, options and how the customer can deal with you.

So it makes sense to give those who are the most interested in buying, a very clear and easy option to get the help they need from you at the points in your process where it might break down.

Keep the purchasing experience on track

  • Advertising response– easy marketing and Freephone numbers for landlines and now mobile, with Voice Enabled Mobile Short Codes (offering 5 digits numbers and rates set by you, even free!)
  • Website quotation pages – dedicated customer service contact numbers associated with specific insurances and quotation pages of your website or aggregator site for shorter waiting times and dedicated support (backed by priority routing to filter the sales calls to specific call centre agents).
  • Peak time management – dynamic routing gives you the capacity to easily handle peak-time calls around TV ad spots, lunchtimes – passing calls to alternative agents and locations when needed.  

Telecoms Solutions provide the telephony and flexible support that help to establish contact with your consumers and maintain this throughout these crucial points in the buying process – linking the most motivated prospects of your above the line advertising and wavering online purchasers to your call centre agents.

“Do you need to add skill sets on tap?”

Telecoms Solutions’ applications and outsourced services offer flexible, high quality skills when you need them to meet the most demanding of call handling strategies.

Outsourced agents bureau – if you need to maintain your high level of service at peak times of demand, extend your opening hours or just have additional backup to manage simple tasks or manage a crisis, we are able to offer the extra support when you need it.  We can provide ‘on-demand’ bureau services which are all FSA accredited and Level 2 compliant.

Language translation services – quick access to real-time services to help your people manage a claim throughout Europe and the World. We offer a 3-way conferencing facility with a skilled translator bureau service. This service is on tap so that your agent can gather all of the important information and answer questions fully and accurately.

Customer surveys – simple customer surveys by phone, email and text to give you vital customer feedback and opinion on sales and service. Our cloud based automated surveys service lets you contact customers and record responses by voice, keypad SMS and have instant access to the analysis.

Sentiment analysis service  an enhanced service in partnership with RAPIDE .  ‘Rant & Rave’ is designed to allow companies to proactively ask for feedback at the moments that they know are important for customers through the channel of their choice – SMS, MMS, Voice, Email (for instance by voice at the end of a claim application or purchase). You can also let customers get in touch whenever they feel the need, through any ‘active channel’ of SMS, MMS, voice recording or email. Intelligent text analytics then understands every word and provides actionable insights.