Marketing Response

To get full payback from the significant cost of good advertising a key objective is not to let any potential lead go un-converted. To achieve this, your customers’ experience has to be spot on and your response process totally watertight.

For many of our clients return on spend improvements have come through processes backed by Telecoms Solutions’ services that ensure every customer who calls is connected with ease and answered by an agent whose job it is to get conversions – whether it’s a sale or getting information to follow-up the opportunity.

Conversion Management

Your prospects – you’ve motivated your prospect to call so impress them by making life easy and remove possible barriers and ‘turn-offs’ – easy to remember numbers, the re-assurance of free or regulated priced calls, special mobile voice enabled short codes. Priority and overflow routing avoiding engaged tones and extended queuing.

Your agents – make the most effective use of your call centre resources to talk to prospects as soon as they have responded and still motivated. Priority routing from dedicated campaign numbers so agents provide a quick, informed response.  

Your managers – flex your call centre’s response according to the minute by minute demands – monitor and optimise the handling and tracking of calls with the web-based management console. Activate instant changes to routings, announcements, out-of-hours services, message recording and many more services.

Conversion Measurement

Measure the response from different advertising media right down to the individual advert and promotion (online, on air, on page). Our tracking also let’s you see if your prospect called in response to another of your adverts on a different publication or website.

Beyond the usual granular and real-time information your marketing team needs to analyse your responses and campaign performance. The scope and flexibility of our services means marketing is able to get true measures of online to offline sales.

By covering both sides of the coin, conversion measurement and management, we help clients achieve their objectives so that none of their valuable prospects slip through the response net.