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Get the complete picture of your sales

You’ve spent a lot of money on advertising to get people onto your comparison website. You can monitor all the contacts that started online whilst they’re on your website, but you’re missing a vital piece of the picture when you can’t track follow-on contact with your partners.

Giving you more control to save sales

Telecoms Solutions enables you to connect the online to offline experience, helping to save sales and power the intelligence to better manage your partners.

For those sales that aren’t converting online we provide telephony solutions that set up a simple smooth service that links customers to your partners’ agents to answer questions and close the deal.  Detailed call data and powerful statistical tools let you to track performance beyond your website to determine conversions and losses of partners.

Partner specific contact numbers – the link from online to offline conversion

Offering unique seller contact telephone numbers alongside your quotes listings

  • drives the intelligence so we can give you a more complete view of conversions
  • interested buyers get a quick and personal option to be put straight through to your partners, reducing the risk of them dropping out of the process
  • You have more control to influence a more successful outcome for the customer, partners and you.

The dedicated numbers or short codes furnish the data on the originating and terminating numbers, call durations and history. Telecoms Solutions’ smart tools produce powerful management information and indicators for your business.

‘won’ and ‘lost’ indicator stats  how many calls were made to each partner’s contact centres, how many were long conversations which customers went on to call alternative partners

  •  Value-add for partners – relationship managers have access to the intuitive web based portal to monitor and report on their sellers. Highlight the business lines or divisions that are underperforming.
  • Complete customer measurement – valuable data files to tie-up with in-house website analytics.

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