Telecoms Planning

Whether you want advice to plan your own telecoms activity or to discuss a solution for your consumers and your business, an informal conversation is a good starting point.

Even with our industry knowledge it takes time to know what will work best in your business – to get to know how you want different customers to have contact with you and at what times, for example. So we would rather spend two days of our time and at our own cost getting to understand your problem and provide you with sound advice, than take just a few hours and get the wrong end of the stick.

Typical ways we help with Telecoms Planning

  • the best use of your own technology and how to enhance its capabilities. Why upgrade or buy additional equipment if it just needs some tailoring?
  • what cloud based services will work for you and your customers?
  • to support a change to your call handling strategy for a new service and customer group
  • the best way to use automated technology and services
  • how best to handle mass call events that require automated responses, call queuing, message taking, re-routing etc..

Following the upfront telecoms planning:

  • If you’re sourcing the solution through us then there’s naturally no charge for further advice and planning
  • If you’re only looking for advice and it is likely to take longer than a two days then we will agree charges. Sometimes a little advice is all you need.