Under the technology bonnet

Telecoms Solutions provides consultancy services and operates as a managed services provider of inbound and outbound telephony applications. Underpinning our services is a highly versatile platform and highest quality robust network.

Service and Applications Platform

Our feature-rich platform offers a wide scope of intelligent applications and services with dynamic flexibility to select and integrate components to create bespoke inbound and outbound solutions. A secure and intuitive self-service web interface gives real-time access to manage, change and report on all services from a single point. Granular and statistical management reporting provides thorough insight into your call centre and network performance.

Reliability of a Tier 1 Network

Our partner has a unique technology partnership where BT’s infrastructure underpins the application layer, which sits within BT’s 21st Century Network Core. Customers are safe in the knowledge that their services are backed up with the integrity, physical capability and high service levels of a Tier1 network and BT’S global reach for communications over PSTN and IP.

Here is a selection of technical capabilities and in-network applications that sit behind many of our customer’s solutions. For our latest thoughts on enabling technologies for your consumer driven businesses, take a look at the ‘Working Insight’ spotlights.

Technical capabilities

  • Marketing numbers with enhance statistical tracking
  • Voice enabled short codes for tracking response from mobile callers
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Dynamic Call Routing and Call Filtering and Optimisation
  • Intelligent Network cloud based services
  • SMS broadcasts
  • Secure payments
  • Secure service portal

In-Network Applications

  • Call Queuing
  • SMS Self-service/automated
  • Customer quick surveys
  • Recorded announcements
  • Call Recording
  • Call back requests – phone/web/SMS
  • CLI and database integration
  • ID Validation