Connecting customers easily to your agents means you’re keeping that vital contact with your customer to bring them closer to conversion.  But the solution has to be measured to know if it is successful.

Showing you what’s working

A unique service that we provide over other suppliers of non geo graphic numbers is our own analytics package showing your real-time and historic information. The statistical dashboard has easy to interpret performance graphics based on:

  • where the call came from
  • time to answer
  • abandoned rate
  • call duration
  • overflow calls and alternative routing

Analytics 1

Analytics 2

Extremely straight forward to use, you don’t need to be an expert to view and output your own analytical reports on historical information. Running in the cloud you can access your data from anywhere and on any device.

Additional information and personalised labelling can easily be added by you next to a number so you can search and report by your own brands, divisions etc..

Valuable detail provided in the data files lets you tie-in data and transactions with your own website user analytics and customer systems.

Manage key areas of your business

Conversions: Stats of calls and duration provide key indicators to back up sales conversions that have come from the off line channel.

Partner Relationships: Identify and measure the quality of leads that have called your      partners’ call centre agents (a key for aggregators and classified ads)

Sales Aids: Classified ads companies track the responses to listed ads to help sell and set pricing