Dynamic Management

Even with the best applications, numbers and a network, the solution is only as good as how simply your customer facing telecoms can be tailored. How quickly you can react to whatever business need is thrown up at that minute.

Making changes need to be straight forward and activated in an instant …

.. when staff cannot get to work, call rates are higher than expected, a new service needs to be put up or taken down, numbers need to be re-routed to a DDI, new announcements need to be recorded and so it goes on.

All of our solutions come with the agility to manage the telephony to optimise the handling and tracking of your customer calls. Our intuitive management consoles and dashboards make it easy enough for our customers to monitor and make the service changes they want themselves and these changes are activated straight away, not in hours or days!

Direct Access to Dynamic Management and Changes

Dynamics 1

Dynamics 2

Telecom’s Solution non-technical interface (a web based platform and customer console) lets you respond to all your business needs in real-time:

  • Set up an announcement for customers, change the recording of a prompt
  • Changing opening hours, call routing ‘out of hours’
  • Multi-level menus to filter calls
  • Diverting calls based on their type,  time of day and overflow
  • Whisper messages to agents to identify where callers are coming from
  • Queuing calls
  • Voice recording

No need to rely on an external provider or be an ‘expert’ in programming – we’ve cut out the complexity so any nominated employee can control and make your changes to your telephony with easy to follow menus and options.

Rapid changes day or night – the web-based console means that you can access your service on any type of device and remotely.  Your changes are activated in a matter of seconds, as every second lost can mean a lost call or repeat business.

“Telecoms Solutions really help with our reporting requirements for marketing. We use unique 0800 or 0844 numbers to track individual advertising campaigns to quickly identify the best performing creative and ads.”

Colin McCabe O2

Support always there when you need it

We also offer  managed services support so when you’re up and running we’re on call to maintain your service for you or to help out when you need to quickly supplement or stand in to make changes on your behalf.

Our customers include Telefonica, The Building & Engineering Association, The Mobility Furniture Company, Your Private Phone Number and Ladbrokes. They all rely on our flexibility to deliver outstanding service to their customers.

Access to real-time call and campaign analytics is also critical to know what’s working and to identify and predict when changes are needed.