SMS is still the perfect media when a simple message is key, especially when the message is for people with a mobile centric life and work style.  We can all readily see the consumer benefit and appreciate the business sense of SMS appointment reminders, insurance renewals and delivery notifications.

Extending the usefulness of SMS to businesses and their customers

At Telecoms Solutions we are always working with our clients to find ways of applying useful technology and at the same time, making the best use of our customer’s own technology and systems.

SMS is easy, accepted and proven in the area of informal business communications.

A good SMS example of ours is a European business that has a traveling salesforce and dealerships across 15 territories. Their embedded SMS application sets up and sends sales appointment reminders with a user interface to their CRM webpage. A wide range of tailored messages in a choice of languages can easily be selected and sent.  A huge amount of time is saved on many short phone calls, which can also be distracting to the customer. By integrating in this way our customer’s operation is much more efficient and achieves a higher hit rate of meetings for the sales team.

Right for core business services

SMS has been shown to be effective in mission critical applications and where time and date stamped delivery needs to be verified, such as personal electronic tagging to send warning messages on curfew times and territory reminders.

Immediate and faster insights from customer surveys

Consumers are much more likely to give you the valuable feedback you need just after a good or bad sales or aftersales experience. SMS surveys offer this opportunity and short prescriptive questions make it simple to answer and analyse. We’re using more advanced survey functions so that customers can quickly analyse free text questions. Sentiment Analysis automatically transposes and highlights key words and sentences, filtering out what is important to your business so you can act on the key issues coming from large amounts of information.

And finally… Push SMS

When you really need your SMS to be seen, a new push technology for Smartphones means your SMS pops up on their main screen, without the reader having to go to Messages. In the case of some public services Push SMS ensures urgent and emergency messages are quickly seen and actioned.