Voice Enabled Mobile Short Codes

Say goodbye to “Prices from mobiles will be significantly more” announcements

Mobile phone usage has over taken landlines (The ITU tells us by a factor of 3 to 1 in the UK). They’re easier to use with our busy life styles so it’s natural for consumers to want to use mobile to respond to your advertising and promotions. The big ‘put-off’ has been the high or unknown cost of the call, plus the numbers weren’t as easy to remember or as simple as TXT marketing 5 digit short codes.

Using Voice Enabled Mobile Short Codes (VEMSC) you can choose a fixed cost per minute or none at all for your customer!

“With our new 88466 short-code our mobile customers now don’t hesitate to call when they want to speak straight to our agents to place an important bet”

Mike Price, Marketing Manager, William Hill

Give customers what they’ve long been asking for, better value and much more…

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Think how many more customers you could acquire if consumers didn’t think twice about using their mobile to get in touch with you.

The possibilities also go beyond a single transaction – mobile short-codes open up more interactive relationships as you and your consumers can send and receive all types of media  – ideal for photos and videos in competitions and social media marketing.

Join other consumer driven businesses who are taking the first mover advantage:

  • William Hill uses short-codes that are free for customers to call up and place bets  and fixed charges to listen to live racing commentary
  • O2 customers are happier with the one fixed cost to contact customer service