You & Us

Your business is set up as an online sales tool for your consumers to easily transact.

Telecoms Solutions works with consumer driven businesses to convert sales from advertising and to complete business when it’s at risk of failing online.


  • Spend your precious budget on SEO and above the line advertising to attract customers.
  • Invest in the best technology to make sales online.
  • Provide fall-back services for help, FAQ’s and web chat services.


  • Sometimes your customer wants to buy but cannot find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • They are motivated and know what they would like!
  • Sometimes the consumer wants to speak with an agent.
  • And sometimes you would like an agent to speak with them to close the sale!


Don’t neglect the calls that are probably the easiest and most profitable for an agent to handle.

These are the calls that Telecoms Solutions understands and cares most about for your business.

Today we are helping companies such as:

The Mobility Furniture Co

Our Solutions

Our consumer facing solutions link the digital online experience to a personal offline one for more profitable conversions and insight. What we do:

  • Provide industry knowledge and know how to ensure the right solution works for you and your customer.
  • Make it intuitive for select customers with the right demographics to transact with your business – delivering simple smooth services and access numbers that link consumers to your agents to answer questions and close the deal.
  • Powerful statistical tools for analysing detailed call data so you can make informed decisions that make you money – track performance beyond your website to determine the originating source of the marketing investment for each conversion.
  • Management consoles and dashboards that make it easy enough for anyone to monitor and make your own service changes –vital when you need to respond instantly to whatever business need is thrown up in the day. A major plus is immediate activation of changes back in the network.

Our approach:

Is dynamic

Our cloud services and on-demand/transactions based model provide flexibility and access to advanced services without the ties and expense of equipment and software. There is little or no constraint on functionality, thanks to our feature rich application layer. No delays to time to market and the daily changes with our dynamic tools to implement and manage solutions.

Keeps you ahead

Flexibility and understanding are essential for creative solutions. We combine our understanding of your marketplace, your business objectives, customer domain experience and the choice of the right technology to implement the very best solutions. Services are continuously improved so you can compete for new customers and outwit heavy weight competitors.

Builds trust

Confidence comes from knowing it will all work and continue to work for you into the future, as you grow and the technology evolves. You have the assurance of a robust and scalable infrastructure –the BT 21CN and the support of a company who has done it before and is always looking out for your and your consumers’ interests.